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    1. Divisional structure management of the Tuopu Group

      Since its establishment, Tuopu has consistently regarded auto parts as its core business and continuously pursued technological innovation and market expansion. Today, Tuopu Group has adopted a divisional management model, with four business divisions working tirelessly in their respective segments.

      Informatization Management

      The use of an IT platform makes the Group's management more scientific and efficient. By implementing systems such as ERP, PLM, E-HR, and OA, the Group has achieved comprehensive coverage of sales, finance, production, logistics, engineering, and human resources, ensuring that data is presented and transmitted to relevant departments in a timely manner for effective and tangible management. The Group has also established digitalized plants by integrating information technology and industrialization management.

      Systematization Management

      Build professional team to make continuously change and innovation on management system, in order to adapt to company’s high speed progress.

      Operation System

      As early as 1984, Tuopu began to comply with the system audit requirements of FCA US LLC and established a complete ISO9002 system in 1996. In the ensuing development, Tuopu has grown steadily in various aspects, established comprehensive systems, and obtained related certifications, including:

      Quality Management System :IATF16949
      Environment Management System :ISO14001
      Laboratory Management System :ISO/IEC17025
      Occupational Health And Safety Management System :ISO45001
      Information Security Management System :ISO27001
      Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System :GB/T 23001

      Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System

      Tuopu upholds and advocates: To continuously improve the environment, all activities must be developed along the new path of high technology, low energy consumption and pollution control. For this purpose, the Group has always adhered to the sustainable development strategy, upheld the environmental policy of “operate in accordance with laws & regulations,saving resource and reducing consumption,preventing and controlling pollution,safety and health,continuous improvement.”, established the corporate environmental management system (ISO14001), and become a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise group.

      ? 2005 | ISO14001:2004
      ? 2004 | ISO14001:1996

      Environment bulletin board
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