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    1. Protect the Environment

      Tuopu upholds and advocates: To continuously improve the environment, all activities must be developed along the new path of high technology, low energy consumption and pollution control. We require that products R&D must use energy saving material, production process must harmless technique, and industrial waste must be disposed exclusively…, furthermore, we also hold environmental protection training course, to emphasize the importance of environmental protection, workplace safety and health.

      Research on environmentally friendly materials

      Tuopu is continuously researching and developing biodegradable and environmentally friendly fiber materials for the upgrading and replacing trim products;

      The application of non-heat-treated aluminum alloy materials achieves the substitution of materials from steel to aluminum alloy for automobile components in integrated, large-sized, thin-walled, structurally-complex, and easily heat deformable structural parts of new energy vehicles, promoting material recycling and low-carbon green manufacturing practices.

      R&D and manufacturing of parts and components for new energy vehicles

      In view of the future trend of automobile electrification, Tuopu is deeply involved in the R&D and manufacturing of components for new energy vehicles, with a strategic focus on the development of thermal management, intelligent steering, intelligent braking, integrated aluminum alloy underframe, battery pack, and other parts and components for electric vehicles, and also gradually building a complete product line of parts and components for new energy vehicles.

      Application of clean energy

      Tuopu is active in supporting solar PV projects and promoting green and carbon-free manufacturing. By taking practical measures, Tuopu is fulfilling its corporate social responsibility to conserve energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment. Tuopu is also contributing to the goal of “Peak Carbon Emissions” and “Carbon Neutrality”, while giving impetus to the high-quality and sustainable development of the Tuopu Group.

      Society Rewarding

      Tuopu prioritizes technology, employment and education among many philanthropic issues.

      Tuopu is committed to automotive technology innovation and actively exchanges and promotes scientific and technological achievements by establishing cooperative projects with universities to combine research and industry, creating special scholarships for university students, providing internship positions, emphasizing education and training, and creating employment opportunities while investing in factory construction, technology introduction, and management improvement, thereby giving back to society and promoting social development.

      Sustainability Report

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