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    1. Provide more secure, comfortable and environmentally friendly technologies and products for cars

      Smart Mobility, Green Living

      R&D and Innovation

      Support for globally synchronized R&D maintains leading competitive advantage in R&D


      Global service and support

      Quick response and solution implement are always Tuopu’s service principle, also the basis to build good relationship with customers.“100% on time service” is our serious commitment.



      Founded in 1983


      Over 70 manufacturing plants


      A R&D team of over 2,000 members


      Over 20,000 employees
      Ningbo Tuopu Group, a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, is a technology platform-oriented auto parts company (Stock Code: 601689) engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of Power Chassis System, Interior & Exterior System, and Intelligent Driving Control System.
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