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    1. Intelligent Braking System

      The intelligent braking system improves safety by preventing accidents and reducing their severity by providing powerful braking force and shorter stopping distances. Compared to conventional braking systems, this system offers stronger and lighter braking dynamics.


      Steering System

      The automotive steering system is the mechanism that controls the straight-line and lateral movement of a vehicle. Currently, most passenger vehicles use electric power steering systems. Depending on the fixed position of the power assist motor and the type of reduction mechanism, electric power steering systems can be classified into column assist, single pinion assist, dual pinion assist, and rack assist configurations.

      Dual Pinion-Assist Electric Power Steering System
      Column-Assist Electric Power Steering System
      Rack-assist Electric Power Steering System
      Rear Wheel Steering System Steering-By-Wire System
      Steering-By-Wire System
      Electric Four-Way Adjustable Steering Column
      • Intelligent Braking System
      • Steering System

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