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    1. Interior System

      An interior system is a vital component of body, mainly including: Headliner, floor carpet, floor mat, package tray, luggage compartment, deck led trim, etc.

      Package Tray
      Deck Led Trim
      Floor Mat
      Floor Carpet
      Seat Back Panel
      EPP Tool Box

      Exterior System

      Mainly including: wheelhouse liner, undershield, front bumper foam energy absorbing block, insulator, wind noise foam, etc.

      EPP Energy Absorber
      Wheelhouse Liner
      Battery Liner
      Water Defector

      Acoustic System

      Acoustic System Reducing NVH is critical to improving the driving and riding experience. Tuopu uses vehicle acoustic packaging technology to comprehensively manage noise of powertrain, tire and wind through methods such as sound insulation, sound absorption and, transmission path modification. The main components include engine insulator, dashout insulator, rear seat insulator, trunk insulator, wheelhouse insulator, motor insulator, etc.

      Motor Insulator
      Trunk Insulator
      Wheel House Insulator
      Dashout Insulator
      Carpet Insulator

      Sealing System

      A sealing strip has functions such as sound insulation, waterproofing, dustproofing, shock absorption and decoration, in addition to improving driving and riding comfort and protecting the body. Tuopu sealing strips include door sealing strip, hood and trunk sealing strip, window sealing strip, glass run channel, weather strip, rear window assembly sealing strip, etc.

      Sealing Strip
      Sealing Strip
      Rear Window Assembly
      • Interior System
      • Exterior System
      • Acoustic System
      • Sealing System

      Product Inquiry

      You can inquiry all our products here.

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