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    1. Cabin Comfort System

      Tuopu's developed product line for cabin comfort system, ranging from supports to multi-point massage with memory module, significantly enhances the comfort of automotive driving and riding experience.

      Seat Controller
      Two-way Lumbar Support
      Massage & airbag support
      Four-way Lumbar Support

      Smart Cockpit Components

      Tuopu's intelligent door drive system includes the display intelligent drive unit, ISD ECU, and PLG ECU, and integrates corresponding intelligent driver, intelligent controller, self-locking electronic lock, anti-pinch strip, radar detection sensor system, and human-machine interaction system (such as facial recognition and gesture recognition).

      Display Intelligent Drive Unit
      ISD ECU
      Intelligent Driver
      Display Intelligent ECU
      PLG Power Strut
      PLG ECU
      • Cabin Comfort System
      • Smart Cockpit Components

      Product Inquiry

      You can inquiry all our products here.

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