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    1. The Tuopu R&D Center is a specialized R&D facility for automotive components and subsystems under the Tuopu Group. It is dedicated to continuously improving the early-stage research and engineering development of automotive components and subsystems, and providing systematic engineering solutions for domestic and international OEMs and component suppliers.

      Since 1999, Tuopu has established technical R&D centers in Ningbo, Shanghai, and Shenzhen in China, Detroit in North America, and Gothenburg in Sweden. Tuopu's well-established system development capabilities and advanced testing equipment ensure the design and development capabilities of Tuopu's automotive vehicle systems, subsystems, and component systems, and also support synchronized research and development for global automotive projects.

      Tuopu’s fundamental research focuses on solving fundamental problems in materials, processes, electronic control, software and testing. Starting from basic knowledge, principles and creativity, Tuopu has accumulated considerable expertise and made significant progress in various areas, especially in materials. Tuopu’s research on biodegradable and environmentally friendly fiber materials, non-heat-treated aluminum alloy materials, and more have been applied and recognized by customers. Fundamental researches will continue to be the core competitive strength for Tuopu to maintain a global competitive advantage in the future.

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